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Ep. 36 – “Trevor Patching – Employee Retention Part #3: How to Fund the Commitment”

In this episode, in the third and last part of this series on employee retention with Trevor Patching, you’ll learn the best options to fund your retention plans and how to recognize the right approach based on your company’s size and projection.

Previous Episodes

Ep. 24 – “Insights From A Health Advocate Advisor: Part #1”

In this twenty-fourth episode, I am excited to re-release episode 7. In this episode, I had the chance to be joined by Renee Balcom, a health advocate advisor. Through her work, Renee helps people learn the healthcare system, understand the decisions they need to make, and cope with the challenges and strains of caregiving. Renee created the Silver Lining Network & Directory after realizing that overwhelmed family caregivers need a resource to quickly find appropriate and professional solutions. Throughout this episode, Renee explains what the job of a health advocate advisor is, stories from her career, and what it looks like to work with her. 

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Ep. 25 – “How A Health Advocate Advisor Can Help: Part #2”

In this twenty-fifth episode, I am re-releasing Part 2 of my conversation with Renee Balcom, a health advocate advisor. In Part 1, Renee talked about how a health advocate advisor can help you make informed decisions when it comes to healthcare and how she helps her clients by creating a care plan. In Part 2, you will hear Renee talk about some of the case studies that she has worked on, the important pieces of information she wants every listener to know, how you can prepare now for the later chapters of life, and more. I am so excited for you to hear Renee’s expertise that she has learned from over a decade consulting and providing services to families looking for care solutions for their loved ones.

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Ep. 26 – “What is a Mental Health 5150?”

In this twenty-sixth episode, I am re-releasing episode 10 to emphasize the importance of understanding what a Mental Health 5150 is. You will hear from Renee Balcom, a health advocate advisor, to discuss how and when a 5150 should be incorporated in a situation. If you are ever with someone who is mentally unstable and causing a safety concern for themselves or others, a Mental Health 5150 will be of great help. Throughout this episode, Renee shares stories from her work with clients that she has had to call a 5150 for, what her advice is for when you need to call for a 5150, her steps for working with clients, and more.

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Ep. 27 – “What Qualifies a Californian for Medi-Cal? with Michael McCabe”

In this twenty-seventh episode, I am re-releasing episode 18 in which I was joined by Michael McCabe to talk all about Medi-Cal. For the past twenty years, Michael’s job has been Medi-Cal planning, focusing on counseling people on the psychology and financing of a person facing long-term care needs. Through his work, Michael coaches his clients on how to fund Long-Term Care through Medi-Cal Benefits, Waiver Program, IHSS (In-home supportive services). 

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Ep. 29 – “Preventing “Tech Neck” & Taking Care of Your Body with Dr. Kent Hardenbrook”

In this episode, I am so excited to be joined by Dr. Kent Hardenbrook.He has been apracticing chiropractor for over 25 years and is passionate about teaching people to create new habits that will improve both their physical and mental health. Dr. Kent has worked with Ironman, USA soccer teams, and promotes Ergonomic education for tech workers. He talks about his background as a chiropractor, the negative health effects on our bodies from sitting and staring at a computer, what he recommends for people to make changes, what the benefits are of going to a chiropractor, and more. 

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Ep. 30 – “Let Go Of What Isn’t Serving You & Create Space For What Will!”

In this episode, I am talking about how I have made changes in my life throughout this year that have allowed me to make room for exciting changes. Back in January, I made a list of personal and professional things that I wanted to tackle. I went through and wrote down commitments that weren’t serving my goals anymore and personal items that I have been putting off. You will hear in the episode what the specific things were on this list, how I successfully tackled it, and what my recommendations are for you to do the same.

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Ornellas Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

With over 20 years of experience, Helen brings her expert guidance directly to you with insider tips, industry trends and real-life stories. Get the scoop directly from the source on what matters most when it comes to protecting your health and wealth.
Enlightening Topics

Enlightening Topics

Learn more about key topics that can impact your ability to get and keep coverage, from lifestyle choices to changes in plan availability and carrier requirements. Get the bigger picture in focus with outside-the-box thinking on how to look at your life through the lens of an agent.
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Answers to Top Questions

Can I use my life insurance while I’m still alive? Should my young children be designated as sole beneficiaries? Why do I even need life insurance? Get answers to these and all your burning questions as we explore the most common questions asked by clients (and you!).
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