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Latest Episode

Ep. 15 – “The Value of Volunteering”

In this fifteenth episode, I am talking about the value of volunteering for everyone. In this Part 1 episode, I share my experiences, stories, and lessons learned from volunteering with a professional organization for over 10 years. You will hear about the benefits of volunteering for solo-preneurs, the community that volunteering has brought me, different roles that I have had throughout my volunteering journey, and what I have learned about the main purpose of volunteering. Stay tuned for Part 2 where I will be interviewing a guest who has taught me so much about the importance of volunteering throughout my career. 

Previous Episodes

Ep. 1 – “Begin Building Your Life Toolbox

In our inaugural episode, Helen answers the most common questions she receives after 20 years in the insurance industry. Learn more about Helen, her background growing up and how she ended up doing the work that she does to help individuals and businesses find peace of mind with custom solutions.

Ep. 2 – “How Marijuana & CBD Impact Policy

In this second episode, I am explaining how using marijuana, CBD, tobacco, and nicotine will impact your life insurance policy. Being transparent with your life insurance agent or broker about the frequency of use is important to make sure that they can find the right carrier for you. Throughout this episode, you will learn the amount of smoking that will bump you to a smoker’s plan, the variety of events that will require a policy review, examples of cases and clients that I have worked on, and what’s to come for future episodes of On Life With Helen. 

Ep. 3 – “Ownership, Compliance, & Answering Your Questions

In this third episode, I am talking about the different events or situations that may affect your life insurance policy. Understanding how life insurance policies can affect the different aspects of your life can be confusing, but all it takes is asking the question to save yourself a big headache. Throughout this episode I talk about the ins and outs of policy ownership, share my advice if you need a policy quickly, provide three examples of compliance, and answer the questions that you emailed me.

Ep. 4 – “Long Term Care Options”

In this fourth episode, I am talking about long term care and why it is important to have. I often hear from my clients that they already have a family member who can take care of them when they are older, but I think it is best to be prepared and purchase a long term plan. Throughout this episode I dive into the different long term care plans that you can choose between and what the benefits are for each one. I also explain how long term care can be used to help you in the future and provide what I learned when taking care of my mother in her older age. There are many different ways that long term care can be covered and it’s important that you have all the facts so you can set yourself up for the best situation.

Ep. 5 – “2021 Reflections” (December 28th)

In this fifth episode, I am sharing my reflections from the past year. While there is no denying that the past 12 months had its challenges, there was so much good that came from it as well. Throughout this episode I dive into what I loved about the past year, the different areas of my life that I’ve leveled up in, and the difficult events that I went through as well. I also provide my tips and suggestions on the different questions you can use to reflect and how to set yourself up for success in the next year. I encourage you to grab a journal and join me in reflecting on the past year. 

Ep. 6 – “Medicare 101”

In this sixth episode, I am talking all about Medicare – something that all business owners and employees should be informed on. Throughout this episode, I explain what Medicare is, how it can save money for both employers and employees, the three paths you can take with Medicare, the pricing of Medicare plans, and some helpful Medicare tips. I hope this episode helps to clear up any misunderstandings you have surrounding Medicare and highlights the benefits of Medicare plans.   

Ep. 7 – “Who’s In Your Corner? Health Advocate Advisor: Part #1”

In this seventh episode, I am so excited to be joined by Renee Balcom, a health advocate advisor. Renee has spent over a decade consulting and providing services to families looking for care solutions for their loved ones. She helps people navigate the healthcare system, make informed care decisions, and cope with the challenges and strains of caregiving. After realizing that overwhelmed family caregivers need a mechanism to quickly find appropriate and professional solutions, Renee created the Silver Lining Network & Directory. Throughout this episode, Renee explains what the job of a health advocate advisor is, stories from her career, and what it looks like to work with her.

Ep. 8 – “Who’s In Your Corner? Health Advocate Advisor: Part #2”

In this eighth episode, I am so excited to share with you Part 2 of my conversation with Renee Balcom, a health advocate advisor. In Part 1, Renee shared what a health advocate advisor is, her process for creating a care plan for clients, and stories from her career. Throughout this episode, Renee talks about some of the case studies that she has worked on, the two pieces of information she wants every listener to know, how to best prepare for the later chapters of life, and more.  Renee has spent over a decade consulting and providing services to families looking for care solutions for their loved ones. She helps people navigate the healthcare system, make informed care decisions, and cope with the challenges and strains of caregiving. 

Ep. 9 – “Everything You Need To Know About 10 Year Terms”

In this ninth episode, I am talking all about the ins and outs of 10 year terms. A 10 year term is a great option for many people, but it is still important to know the important details so you can confidently decide if it is the best route to go. Throughout this episode, I talk about why business owners may want to look beyond the 10 year term, the benefits of having a 10 year term, what the accelerated underwriting process is, and the importance of staying compliant for annual exams. I share various case studies from clients that may be valuable to think about if you are considering a 10 year term. 

Ep. 10 – “Mental Health 5150”

In this tenth episode, I am joined again by the wonderful Renee Balcom, a health advocate advisor, to talk about Mental Health 5150. Understanding what a Mental Health 5150 is is important so you are prepared if you ever find yourself in a situation with someone who is not in a stable state of mind and are concerned for your or their safety. Throughout this episode, Renee shares stories from her work with clients that she has had to call a 5150 for, what her advice is for when you need to call for a 5150, her steps for working with clients, and more. 

Ep. 11 – “The Role of a Benefits Broker with Cerrina Jensen”

In this eleventh episode, I am joined by Cerrina Jensen to talk about her role as an Employee Benefits Consultant & Benefits Broker. Cerrina is passionate about empowering and educating employers to teach them how to navigate the healthcare system and deliver better benefits for their employees. Throughout this conversation, Cerrina shares the top reasons why employers should look at working with a benefits broker, what her company’s mission is, and how she is working to empower and educate women in the industry. Cerrina is a longtime friend and I am so excited for you to hear her background and how she is stepping up as a female leader. 

Ep. 12 – “Understanding Reverse Mortgages with Mitchell Cooper”

In this twelfth episode, I am joined by Mitchell Cooper to talk all about his insights, advice, and perspective as a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional. Through his work, Mitchell provides education to professionals and homeowners about the strategic use of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage in retirement income planning. Throughout this conversation, Mitchell talks about the biggest misconception about reverse mortgages, what the Reverse for Purchase program is, common mistakes that people make when it comes to reverse mortgages, what goes into the loan process, and examples of client situations he has worked on. If you have been confused about the ins and outs of reverse mortgages, Mitchell’s expertise will help answer the basic questions you may have. 

Ep. 13 – “Supporting Yourself & Others Through Grief with Emily Thiroux Threatt”

In this thirteenth episode, I am joined by the wonderful Emily Thiroux Threatt. Emily is the host of the podcast, Grief & Happiness, where she shares stories of those that have not let grief strip them of their joy for life despite experiencing immense loss. Emily is also the author of the book, Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief, a fantastic resource for those that are unsure of how to navigate the grief they are going through. Throughout this conversation, Emily shares the loss she has experienced in her life, what tools she recommends for supporting others that are grieving, her mission with her podcast and books, and more. 

Ep. 14 – “The Power of Mentorship”

In this fourteenth episode, I am talking about the power of mentorship and the role that it has played in my life as both a mentor and a mentee. Connecting with other people to share experiences, lessons, advice, and support is an incredible way to grow personally and professionally. Throughout this episode, I talk about what makes a good mentor, my personal experiences with mentorship in my career, the differences between mentorship and sponsorship, and more. Mentors are valuable in every stage of life and I hope this episode inspires you to seek out a mentor that supports you and has your best interest. 

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Expert Guidance

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Enlightening Topics

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