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Latest Episode

Ep. 3 – “Ownership, Compliance, & Answering Your Questions

In this third episode, I am talking about the different events or situations that may affect your life insurance policy. Understanding how life insurance policies can affect the different aspects of your life can be confusing, but all it takes is asking the question to save yourself a big headache. Throughout this episode I talk about the ins and outs of policy ownership, share my advice if you need a policy quickly, provide three examples of compliance, and answer the questions that you emailed me.

Previous Episodes

Ep. 1 – “Begin Building Your Life Toolbox

In our inaugural episode, Helen answers the most common questions she receives after 20 years in the insurance industry. Learn more about Helen, her background growing up and how she ended up doing the work that she does to help individuals and businesses find peace of mind with custom solutions.

Ep. 2 – “How Marijuana & CBD Impact Policy

In this second episode, I am explaining how using marijuana, CBD, tobacco, and nicotine will impact your life insurance policy. Being transparent with your life insurance agent or broker about the frequency of use is important to make sure that they can find the right carrier for you. Throughout this episode, you will learn the amount of smoking that will bump you to a smoker’s plan, the variety of events that will require a policy review, examples of cases and clients that I have worked on, and what’s to come for future episodes of On Life With Helen. 

What to Expect as You Listen:

Ornellas Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

With over 20 years of experience, Helen brings her expert guidance directly to you with insider tips, industry trends and real-life stories. Get the scoop directly from the source on what matters most when it comes to protecting your health and wealth.
Enlightening Topics

Enlightening Topics

Learn more about key topics that can impact your ability to get and keep coverage, from lifestyle choices to changes in plan availability and carrier requirements. Get the bigger picture in focus with outside-the-box thinking on how to look at your life through the lens of an agent.
Answers to FAQs

Answers to Top Questions

Can I use my life insurance while I’m still alive? Should my young children be designated as sole beneficiaries? Why do I even need life insurance? Get answers to these and all your burning questions as we explore the most common questions asked by clients (and you!).
Special Guests

Special Guest Appearances

We know some really smart, and really helpful, people – get exclusive access to guest speakers from across the industry as they help educate and enlighten us on various topics related to health, wealth and overall financial management, for individuals and business owners alike.

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