Ep. 43 – “What Keeps You Up At Night and More! with Trevor Patching”

In this episode, I’m joined by our monthly guest, Trevor Patching, to discuss the importance of covering and incentivizing those in foundational positions in our company. Trevor debunks some myths about companies’ pressure points and the need for elaborating solutions that care for everyone, not only the highly compensated executives. We also learn how life […]

Ep. 42 – “Disability Insurance And Income Protection with Dennis Carlson”

In this episode, we delve into the second part of our conversation about what is true and what is a myth about the reverse mortgages line of credit. In today’s episode, I’m joined by Dennis Carlson, Host of the #1-rated podcast for employee benefits brokers and advisors, Benefits Influencer, a specialist in long and short-term […]

Ep. 26 – “What is a Mental Health 5150?”

In this twenty-sixth episode, I am re-releasing episode 10 to emphasize the importance of understanding what a Mental Health 5150 is. You will hear from Renee Balcom, a health advocate advisor, to discuss how and when a 5150 should be incorporated in a situation. If you are ever with someone who is mentally unstable and […]

Ep. 25 – “How A Health Advocate Advisor Can Help: Part #2”

In this twenty-fifth episode, I am re-releasing Part 2 of my conversation with Renee Balcom, a health advocate advisor. In Part 1, Renee talked about how a health advocate advisor can help you make informed decisions when it comes to healthcare and how she helps her clients by creating a care plan. In Part 2, […]

Ep. 24 – “Insights From A Health Advocate Advisor: Part #1”

In this twenty-fourth episode, I am excited to re-release episode 7. In this episode, I had the chance to be joined by Renee Balcom, a health advocate advisor. Through her work, Renee helps people learn the healthcare system, understand the decisions they need to make, and cope with the challenges and strains of caregiving. Renee […]

Ep. 22 – “Are You a Business Owner? Things falling Through the Cracks?” Ben Godinez from VensureHR- Has Answers!

In this episode, I am talking with Ben Godinez, a Business Consultant at Vensure Employer Services. He is passionate about helping small businesses grow by solving operational challenges and streamlining compliance requirements. Today, he’ll share with us how Vensure Employer Services’ PEO (Professional Employer Organization) helps business owners. Additionally, he’ll share some use cases that will […]

Ep. 18 – “Educating People on Medi-Cal Qualifying with Michael McCabe”

In this eighteenth episode, I am joined by my great friend, Michael McCabe. Michael has been doing Medi-Cal planning for the last twenty years, focusing on counseling people on the psychology and financing of a person facing long-term care needs. He coaches his clients on how to fund Long-Term Care through Medi-Cal Benefits, Waiver Program, […]

Ep. 12 – “Understanding Reverse Mortgages with Mitchell Cooper”

In this twelfth episode, I am joined by Mitchell Cooper to talk all about his insights, advice, and perspective as a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional. Through his work, Mitchell provides education to professionals and homeowners about the strategic use of the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage in retirement income planning. Throughout this conversation, Mitchell talks about […]

Ep. 9 – “Everything You Need To Know About 10 Year Terms”

In this ninth episode, I am talking all about the ins and outs of 10 year terms. A 10 year term is a great option for many people, but it is still important to know the important details so you can confidently decide if it is the best route to go. Throughout this episode, I […]

Ep. 8 – “Who’s In Your Corner? Health Advocate Advisor: Part #2”

In this eighth episode, I am so excited to share with you Part 2 of my conversation with Renee Balcom, a health advocate advisor. In Part 1, Renee shared what a health advocate advisor is, her process for creating a care plan for clients, and stories from her career. Throughout this episode, Renee talks about […]