Ep. 46 – Long-Term Care & Alternative Solutions

How do you know you picked the long-term care that better adjusts to your reality?

In this episode, we discuss long-term care, insurance, alternative solutions, different ways to cover possible long-term care events, and how to educate the next generations on long-term care and their needs. From 100% self-insurance to accelerated benefit riders, standalone long-term care policies, and having children help pay, we explore every option under the sun, analyze their pros and cons, and help you figure out which one is the one that best suits your reality. Additionally, we explore one of our newest products, a Home Health Care Hours Purchase Plan, which allows you to buy buckets of hours so you can stay at home when you need care, with no age limits, the same rate for all ages, no claim forms, and no deductibles, among many other benefits you should consider exploring.