Ep. 49 – Lauren Bayha: Two Years Later – Making More Than My Corporate Job!

In today’s episode, I am pleased to welcome Lauren Bayha back to the show. Almost two years after taking that leap of faith and starting her own insurance company, BenefitsBay Insurance Solutions, and taking over the Sacramento Association of Health Underwriters, Lauren joins us again to share her thoughts on the intricacies of entrepreneurship in the insurance industry. […]

Ep. 46 – Long-Term Care & Alternative Solutions

How do you know you picked the long-term care that better adjusts to your reality? In this episode, we discuss long-term care, insurance, alternative solutions, different ways to cover possible long-term care events, and how to educate the next generations on long-term care and their needs. From 100% self-insurance to accelerated benefit riders, standalone long-term care […]

Ep. 45 – Medicare Post Enrollment Top Ten Tips. Reasons To Work with a Broker

Ep. 45 •Tuesday, March 12, 2024 In this episode, I discuss the intricacies of Medicare enrollment and why using a broker for your Medicare needs is crucial. You’ll hear why individuals and business owners benefit from partnering with brokers, how they can assist you in evaluating costs and understanding IRMAA implications, and why seeking professional guidance […]

Ep. 44 – “Is Using Ethos To Get Life Insurance A Good Idea?”

In this episode, I’m talking about the countless benefits of using Ethos to get insurance, the three signs that you need life insurance today, and the differences between term and permanent life insurance. I also answer some of the most common questions about life insurance, clear doubts about how affordable life insurance really is, and […]

Ep. 43 – “What Keeps You Up At Night and More! with Trevor Patching”

In this episode, I’m joined by our monthly guest, Trevor Patching, to discuss the importance of covering and incentivizing those in foundational positions in our company. Trevor debunks some myths about companies’ pressure points and the need for elaborating solutions that care for everyone, not only the highly compensated executives. We also learn how life […]

Ep. 42 – “Disability Insurance And Income Protection with Dennis Carlson”

In this episode, we delve into the second part of our conversation about what is true and what is a myth about the reverse mortgages line of credit. In today’s episode, I’m joined by Dennis Carlson, Host of the #1-rated podcast for employee benefits brokers and advisors, Benefits Influencer, a specialist in long and short-term […]

Ep. 41 – “How To Maximize Reverse Mortgage Benefits with Mitchell Cooper”

In this episode, we delve into the second part of our conversation about what is true and what is a myth about the reverse mortgages line of credit. Mitchell explains why he considers a reverse mortgage a great tool, especially for those in their 60s and above who struggle to access traditional lines of credit. 

Ep. 40 – “8 Myths About Reverse Mortgages with Mitchell Cooper”

In this episode, I’m really excited to welcome Mitchell Cooper back to the show. Mitchell is a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional at Mutual of Omaha Mortgage, passionate about educating and guiding clients on the strategic and responsible use of home equity and retirement income planning. In this first part of a two-part series, we go […]